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Specialist Timber Merchants In London

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P.O. Joyce Ltd is a successful family owned and operated business in East Finchley, North London, dedicated to supplying high quality timber to its customers. We have vast experience as timber merchants and have been supplying our products throughout London and its surrounding area since 1863. Specialist Timber Merchants in London

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Back in 1863, Benjamin Joyce, a determined and spirited young man, left Ireland for a better life, a new challenge and to seek his fortune. He proceeded to open a small timber yard near East Finchley railway station, delivering the timber to his customers by horse and cart.About 50 years after the company, was first opened, the….

Family Tree

The founding member of the company, he came from Ireland, looking to start a new business and to seek his fortune. He started a small timber business in Stanhope St, London, but quickly brought it to East Finchley in the mid 1800s. He was a religious man, a keen Weslyan and a regular churchgoer With just 2 other employees….

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Specialist Timber Merchants in London






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