Autumn Brown Loglap

(to order)
Autumn Brown Loglap (to order)
Autumn Brown Shiplap
(to order)
Autumn Brown Shiplap (to order)
Pebble Grey Loglap
Pebble Grey Loglap
Pebble Grey Shiplap
Pebble Grey Shiplap
Cedar Shiplap
Cedar Shiplap
Beaded TGV
Beaded TGV
Cedar TGV
Cedar TGV
Pressure Treated Shiplap
Pressure Treated Shiplap
Pressure Treated Loglap
Pressure Treated Loglap


Our high quality timber cladding products are fantastic for creating fencing, cabins, sheds and other timber buildings.

We keep a selection of treated/painter and untreated products. Western Red Cedar Shiplap and TGV is also a stock item, which is a highly desirable and low maintenance timber.


25×50 Planed tan Green/Brown

25×75 Planed tan Green/Brown

25×150 Planed tan Green/Brown

25×150 – Western Red Cedar Shiplap

22×100 – Western Red Cedar TGV

*18×42 – Western Red Cedar PAR finished size

19 x 125 Pressure Treated Shiplap

25 x 150 Pressure Treated Shiplap

25 x 100 Pressure Treated Loglap

19×125 – Softwood Shiplap Grey          Brown to order

25×100 Softwood Loglap Grey              Brown to order

19×125 – Softwood TGV/Beaded

16×100 Softwood TGV

All timber Nominal size unless stated

Softwood Decking

25×100 – Pencil Edge or Reeded

32×150 – Canterbury – Grooved 1 Side + Smooth 1 Side

Balau Hardwood Decking

19×90 – Reeded

21×145 – Reversible Grooved / Reeded & Smooth 2 Sides

Decking Accessories

Size Product Description
ex50x75 Hand/Bottom Rail (2.1m appx)
ex25x50 Spacing Fillet (2.1m appx)
ex50x50 (41x41x900) Colonial Spindles
ex50x50 (41 x41x900) Classic Spindles
100×100 (1.5m) Colonial Newel & Ball Cap
100×100 (1.5m) Classic Newel & Ball Cap


We are also able to supply decking seal, decking stain and related products. Contact us for more information.

Decking Screws

Evolution Deck Screws

Size Box Size
40mm 1 1/2″ 200
50mm 2″ 200
63mm 2 1/2″ 200
75mm 3″ 200
90mm 3 1/2 “ 200


Fasten Master Deck Screws

Size Box Size
40mm 75 / 350
50mm 2″ 75 / 350
63mm 2 1/2″ 75 / 350
63mm 2 1/2″ BUCKET 1750
Bit to suit sq drive each

Note: Free samples available – drop in to collect.


Further Information

Please note: P.O. Joyce Ltd provides decking and all the materials required to build a decking solution, however we do not install any decking. Q-Deck’s website has detailed information on planninginstalling, and caring for a timber deck.