Cambridge Reeded
Cambridge Smooth
Canterbury Grooved
Canterbury Smooth
Balau Reeded/Smooth
Balau Reeded/Smooth
Balau Smooth both sides
Balau castle/smooth


The essential choice for modern living, if you are looking for a more versatile and attractive alternative to traditional patio and gardening materials, then decking is the essential choice. Decking is the easiest way to turn almost any terrain into a unique ‘outdoor-friendly’ setting, making it an ideal solution for making the most of your garden.

Our Decking is manufactured from the very best Scandinavian pine softwood and Malaysian Balau hardwood. The softwood decking surfaces are also pressure treated with Tanalith E preservative to ensure long life and low maintenance. The hardwood Balau decking’s natural resistance, on the other hand, means Tanalith E is not required.

A range of decorative components including handrails, posts and spindles are also available to provide the complete decking solution.

25×100 – Cambridge Pencil Edge or Reeded (nominal)

32×150 – Canterbury Grooved 1 Side + Smooth 1 Side (nominal)

19×90 –  Smooth/Reeded

21×145 – Smooth 2 Sides

Size Description
100 x 200 Sawn treated
95 x 195 Planed treated
Size Product Description
ex50x75 Hand/Bottom Rail (2.1m appx)

12 x 12

115 x 635

Spacing Fillet (2.1m appx)

Q Grip strip 1195mm

Anti slip plate ALU

ex50x50 (41x41x900) Colonial Spindles
ex50x50 (41x41x900) Classic Spindles
100×100 (1.5m) Colonial Newel & Ball Cap
100×100 (1.5m) Classic Newel & Ball Cap


We also provide seals, stains & screws to suit decking products.

Green Deck Screws

Size Box Size
40mm 1 1/2″ 200
50mm 2″ 200
63mm 2 1/2″ 200
75mm 3″ 200
90mm 3 1/2 “ 200


Fasten Master Deck Screws

Size Box Size
40mm 75 / 350
50mm 2″ 75 / 350
63mm 2 1/2″ 75 / 350
63mm 2 1/2″ BUCKET 1750
Bit to suit sq drive each

Further Information

Please note: P.O. Joyce Ltd provides decking and all the materials required to build a decking solution, however we do not install any decking. Q-Deck’s website has detailed information on planninginstalling, and caring for a timber deck.