Timber: Eco-Friendly choice from P.O. Joyce – Timber Merchants in London

Here at the P.O Joyce timber merchants in London, we try to insure we are doing nothing detrimental to the global environment. Our tanalised, stress graded, regularised and Vac-Vac treated timbers are all renewable and therefore sustainable.

Timber is both recyclable and biodegradable so you can rest at ease knowing there will be no harmful waste lingering in landfills. Furthermore, the preservative used in our tanalised timber will never leak into the environment and so you do not need to worry about polluting the surrounding area.

Another key aspect of the sustainability of timber is that using it to construct items requires less energy than steel and aluminium. The energy used in the processing, production and transport of timber is lower as it requires minimal processing compared to steel and aluminium and therefore less energy is used. This is important as global energy demand continues to rapidly increase while the future supply of energy is uncertain. Reduced energy use also means a decrease in carbon dioxide production leading to a reduced greenhouse effect and less damaging acid rain.

P.O. Joyce – Timber Merchants in London

We are an experienced, family owned timber merchant in East Finchley, London, who have been supplying high quality timber since 1863 and protecting the environment will always be important to us. We can help you make sustainable choices for the future. To learn more about our products and services, please do not hesitate to get in touch.